Month: October 2019

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Sorry about your goat!

   October 30, 2019  0 Comments on Sorry about your goat!

“Hey, sorry about your goat, guys! I have to go open a chain of questionable chicken restaurants, I’ll be back…

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   October 22, 2019  0 Comments on Minesweeper!

Hey, remember this! I remember playing this on earlier windows computers, Minesweeper came pre-installed, and why not. Looks like everything…

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Skeleton in the closet

   October 19, 2019  0 Comments on Skeleton in the closet

Honestly, I have no idea what is going on with this postcard. The guy with the giant plaid butt, the…

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Alternative to WAZE

   October 16, 2019  0 Comments on Alternative to WAZE

Since cellphones with the WAZE app installed did not yet exist in 1906, motorists of the day resorted to using…

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Shut up and eat your macadamia nuts.

   October 14, 2019  0 Comments on Shut up and eat your macadamia nuts.

An old postcard from the Outrigger Prince Kuhio, featuring some people sitting around in the lobby wearing Leis (Am I…

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Grandpa’s Crossword June 27 1956

   October 12, 2019  0 Comments on Grandpa’s Crossword June 27 1956

We cancelled our newspaper subscription, the plastic bags were a nuisance and not recyclable. But I missed doing the crossword…

Vintage paystubs
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Overtime at the Lumber Mill

   October 11, 2019  0 Comments on Overtime at the Lumber Mill

I was rooting around for something and found these old paystubs, and an electric bill, from 1943. Looks like they…

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Don’t sniffle yet, this isn’t the morgue…

   October 10, 2019  0 Comments on Don’t sniffle yet, this isn’t the morgue…

Typically, I will take a postcard and add some wiseacre or snarky comment or caption to make it more “honest”….

Alaska Air Wiki excerpt
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‘Taint funny, Mcgee.

   October 9, 2019  0 Comments on ‘Taint funny, Mcgee.

I was shopping for discount plane fares, and noticed that Alaska Airlines used to be McGee Airways.

Cartoon WWII Army Bugle postcard
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A Rude Awakening

   October 8, 2019  0 Comments on A Rude Awakening

When I was in boot camp, they usually just yelled and banged garbage cans. It didn’t matter to me, I…