Month: September 2019

Drive-by baby old cartoon
Posted in Ephemera

Found buried treasure in my filing cabinet!

I found a batch of these novelty “Comic Cards” from probably the 1950’s? when I was rooting around in one of my filing cabinets. In…

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Sketchy guy at cookout
Posted in Back in My Day

Cook-Outs are fun but watch out for pests

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Posted in Puzzles and games

GTA5 Cheats because I am going to hell anyway

I picked up Grand Theft Auto 5 maybe two years ago now? Three? I enjoy driving around listening to the goofy talk radio. Unfortunately, the…

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Posted in The Advertising

Barrel of Fun 1953

I think the lady has been sampling the “Barrel of Fun” assortment.

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Posted in Back in My Day

Uncle Sam came knocking

We have this free service from the post office that emails you scans of what you are going to get in the mail that day….

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Golden Corral Sign
Posted in Highways and Byways

A devil’s bargain at the buffet

There is no way I am taking a dozen rugrats to the buffet, I don’t care if I can feed them for ten bucks.

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