Month: August 2019

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French Bulldog Performs Surgery

   August 28, 2019  0 Comments on French Bulldog Performs Surgery

I am not sure why this paragraph bothers me, it seems to be grammatically correct, yet it can give the…

Walking on stilts at the county fair
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It’s D-day for the 4H kids

   August 25, 2019  0 Comments on It’s D-day for the 4H kids

We went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe on Friday. If you have ever been to the fair, well…

Happy gator
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Retired Gator

   August 20, 2019  0 Comments on Retired Gator

We saw this alligator at the Reptile Zoo up in Gold Bar, and you can tell by the look on…

Hollywood stars on the walk of fame
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Bad Combo in the stars

   August 19, 2019  0 Comments on Bad Combo in the stars

We were shuffling down the Walk of Stars in Hollywood a few days ago, and I came across these; Mister…

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Missed opportunity

   August 13, 2019  0 Comments on Missed opportunity

Consider the case of C. B. Moore, Optometrist. WHY did he not take the GOLDEN opportunity to hang out his…

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   August 3, 2019  0 Comments on UGLIEST MAGNET EVER

My daughter likes to keep track of appointments and whatnot on this magnetic calendar board. She regularly goes to a…

Tree looks like dinosaur
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God help us, we’re in the hands of botanists.

   August 2, 2019  0 Comments on God help us, we’re in the hands of botanists.

I was enjoying a fine hamburger and Coke meal at Don’s in Marysville until Teresa pointed out the Treeranosaurus Rex…