Shop around for dog meds!

I got an old fat mutt at the animal shelter, took him to the vet because he had lots of bumps all over, and clearly wasn’t on top of his game.

They prescribed an anti-allergy pill called Apoquel, although we don’t know what he is allergic to. I had them write a Px and I filled it at Costco. Later I overheard someone recommending to get dog meds at, I was having problems with my local Costco pharmacy moving too slow, so I tried Chewy. Bada BING – Saved $20 a month, and have it set to autofill. One less thing to keep track of, it looks like a win all around.

DISCLAIMER – I don’t get anything from Chewy for spreading the work regarding the low Px prices. I just ordered it today, so we will see.

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