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Wrong tool, or just improvising?

Recently I had to peel back the chain link fence so I could get on the other side and clear out some trash and branches that were pushing against the fence. We’re installing those tacky fence slats, they don’t completely hide the vines but it’s better than it was.

Unfortunately, when I was done, the chain link wouldn’t stretch back to where it bolts to the post. I looked for some kind of small come-along, but wound up with this.

Well, it didn’t say you COULDN’T use it for that. In fact, they are “PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF USES”. It worked, but maybe bent the chain link a little in a few places, and I had a heck of a time getting them to release. Hey, it worked, and I didn’t get injured.

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Don’t throw the radio in the river

My dad bought this model GE radio for my mom, I think for their anniversary? They were listening to it at the breakfast table, it woke me up so I got the treat of having a pre-dawn bacon and egg breakfast with my parents. This was much better than fighting over the Quisp or Cap’n Crunch when all the other Everett brats were up.

I think it was 1967 because they were playing “Ode to Billy Joe”, so I was 7. I don’t know when the radio made the transition from the kitchen nook to the garage, sadly I have inherited it (It was in the back of a closet and hardly plays, I guess dad didn’t have the heart to chuck it, sentimental reasons.)

They make a rebuild kit to make it play AM good as new, and a kit to make it function as a bluetooth speaker; but the handle is broken. I have no idea how a double stitched leather strap breaks right across the top, but this one did. There is also paint on the case but I could clean that off. They made this model for years so maybe I could find a good one for parts. Stay, uh, tuned.

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Shop around for dog meds!

I got an old fat mutt at the animal shelter, took him to the vet because he had lots of bumps all over, and clearly wasn’t on top of his game.

They prescribed an anti-allergy pill called Apoquel, although we don’t know what he is allergic to. I had them write a Px and I filled it at Costco. Later I overheard someone recommending to get dog meds at, I was having problems with my local Costco pharmacy moving too slow, so I tried Chewy. Bada BING – Saved $20 a month, and have it set to autofill. One less thing to keep track of, it looks like a win all around.

DISCLAIMER – I don’t get anything from Chewy for spreading the work regarding the low Px prices. I just ordered it today, so we will see.

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This is bloody hilarious

A friend of ours was going through her dad’s hilarity and knick-knack box, and found this old practical joke.

(Everybody’s dad has a drawer of stuff. My dad’s mainly had coins and tokens, one from a place called “The Stork Club” which sounds expensive.)

Anyhoo… The idea here was that you talked into the little microphone/speaker, then you were supposed to “press button firmly” – but the “button” concealed an inverted thumbtack that would impale your finger, much to the delight of the other drunken fools in the room. Probably there would usually be someone so drunk, they would say “Oh! Let me try!”