Month: July 2019

Used a ratchet to fix chain link fence
Posted in Grey Gardens West

Wrong tool, or just improvising?

Recently I had to peel back the chain link fence so I could get on the other side and clear out some trash and branches…

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Don’t throw the radio in the river

My dad bought this model GE radio for my mom, I think for their anniversary? They were listening to it at the breakfast table, it…

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Posted in Friends and Kin

Shop around for dog meds!

I got an old fat mutt at the animal shelter, took him to the vet because he had lots of bumps all over, and clearly…

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Posted in Flotsam

This is bloody hilarious

A friend of ours was going through her dad’s hilarity and knick-knack box, and found this old practical joke. (Everybody’s dad has a drawer of…

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Flicko the very bad light switch

You have to decide. Lie in the dark with Flicko, or flick his snotty red nose to make the lights come on?

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