3D Printing is more about machine tweaking than printing

We just got a Bibo 3D printer/Laser Engraver, been trying to put it together; Ran into this poorly installed fan…

That was an easy fix, maybe the screw backed out in transit.

More concerning, we got it all put together, but it won’t power up. I took the cover off the power area (Probably frowned on). There was a wire running from the power switch to the power supply at A9, and it had broken off on the switch side. I was going to put a new connector on it and be good to go, but I would have to strip the wire a bit and it was already just too short. I think that’s why it had broken.

I could probably scrounge up a similar wire, but since it is a power supply component, I emailed Bibo and asked them for a replacement, slightly longer wire. Bibo is known for excellent customer service so I am fairly confident that they will follow up. If not, I can scrounge something up. Stay tuned!

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