Month: April 2019

Annoying sound box
Posted in Flotsam

These are the sounds of your life

This was one of those yard sales with dozens of boxes o’crap on tables in the yard, most with no price. They had I think…

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Old concept of the car of the future
Posted in Ephemera

The Future is now, sort of.

The February, 1956 edition of Town Journal magazine predicted cars would be controlled by devices embedded in the pavement. They didn’t see the advances in…

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Posted in The Advertising

Gingerbread boy is oblivious

U&I Sugar had a mascot, maybe only at Christmas? A gingerbread boy, smiling because he doesn’t know that his fate is sealed. This guy was…

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Dog on the lanai
Posted in Friends and Kin

Vintage K9

We found this old guy at the animal shelter, looking kinda pathetic because of allergies, according to our vet. We got some pills and eyedrops…

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Posted in Highways and Byways

Cans of Studio City

We were walking around in Studio City and encountered these fun garbage can planters, in the parking lot of an AM/PM, of all places. I…

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Daughters and Minions are always trouble.
Posted in Back in My Day Friends and Kin

Minions need to pay attention

I was getting a picture of Daphne with this minion, trying to get a better shot. Should have put it in video, the Minion has…

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