Month: March 2019

Remembering "Dirt" Cobain
Posted in Highways and Byways

Epitaph in a sketchy alley

We spotted this graffiti in a sketchy alley off of Hollywood Blvd. last week. I think “Dirt Cobain” was the name of some street dude’s…

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Random flowers and plants suddenly
Posted in Grey Gardens West

Random plants are popping up!

We bought this house last summer, so it’s our first spring here, and boy howdy, there are hidden gems. White, yellow, blue delicate flowers, showy…

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Posted in Flotsam Highways and Byways


There was a subtle earthy aroma, combined with the scent of disinfectant, which gave me comfort.

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Ryobi 40 volt mower Home Depot
Posted in Grey Gardens West

Ryobi 40v mower. Will it do the job?

We finally replaced our gas mower, having moved last fall, I left it at the old house. We upgraded(?) to a “Home Depot exclusive” Ryobi…

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50 Stolinov fly coin
Posted in Flotsam

Waiter, there’s a fly on your tip.

A guy on is sending me this mint 50 Stolinov coin that features a large housefly. I think a Stolinov is their version of…

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Foreboding clouds
Posted in Observations

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

This morning it was about 44 degrees out, and I was shivering while driving to the Y. And yet, A few weeks ago it was…

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The QFC King mascot
Posted in Back in My Day The Advertising

QFC King deposed?

This ad from a Dec. 1963 “Prudence Penny” insert in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer indicates that this is the first Christmas for the little QFC king….

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Everett Family 1967
Posted in Back in My Day Friends and Kin

Have yourself a surly little Christmas

From Christmas Day 1967, me in the yellow shirt, with some of my sisters.

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