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Random plants are popping up!

We bought this house last summer, so it’s our first spring here, and boy howdy, there are hidden gems. White, yellow, blue delicate flowers, showy red tulips, new sprouts from our supposedly dead Hardy Banana Trees, and palm trees. Dandelions are appearing and challenging me to do something about it. I would rather be in Fort Lauderdale 1966, but they are pretty.

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Coming out of a men’s room at LAX, I encountered this Ipad on the wall, asking me if I would rate the restroom, smiley face or frowning face. There was no “Meh” face, and anyhow I was not about to touch that surface, a lot of people don’t bother to wash their hands, especially when there are no paper towels, only those stupid blow driers.

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It would be better to just send people to a website, I could write something like; “There was a subtle earthy aroma, combined with the scent of disinfectant, which gave me comfort. The graffiti in stall one is hilarious! Overall, I give it four stars, would poop here again.”

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Another weird yard find

Strange objects were always popping up at our previous house, and here too we have some mystery objects from time to time.

This metal plate was under the gravel edging the front yard. At 12.6 ounces, probably came off of some heavy duty contraption? It’s about 5.5″ by 2.5″and a half inch thick. The main bit has t shaped wings, and the thin metal plate on the (back?) looks like it originally could slide off where that pin in the middle is. I might try to WD-40 the snot out of it and see if that will come off. The thicker plate on the other side is chipped.

I am going to put this on Reddit, someone on there will probably know right away, “Oh, that’s a ’54 Packard trunk lid counterweight! Someone probably slammed the trunk too hard, ejecting the counterweight and making the trunk lid not stay up anymore after that”

UPDATE: Duh, it’s a brake for a car or truck. I guess it’s been a long time since I have tackled that job.

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Ryobi 40v mower. Will it do the job?

We finally replaced our gas mower, having moved last fall, I left it at the old house. We upgraded(?) to a “Home Depot exclusive” Ryobi mowers that runs on a chunky 40 volt battery. I’m sure Briggs and Stratton are rolling over in their respective graves.

First mow of the season, what possessed me to not use the bag? In “mulch” mode, it doesn’t seem to puree the clippings, rather it seems like it just leaves it in damp clumps for me to rake the next day. It’s probably because it snowed a lot recently, and the grass was wet underneath. So I am holding judgement on that.

It is not as maneuverable as my old mower which had larger wheels. Made me wish that I had spent another 70 or 80 bucks for the self-propelled model. I guess the exercise is good for me though.

One thing that puzzles me, it has headlights! It takes a real lawn nut to mow after dark.

I was going to give it a 6 out of 10 because mowing is more of a chore with this thing, not less. So far it keeps enough charge to do the front and probably the small back yard too. But I guess I should use it more than once before passing judgement.

It’s probably not a good sign that the guy in the ad looks like he is not enjoying mowing the lawn. It makes him feel like a Stepford husband.

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Waiter, there’s a fly on your tip.

A guy on is sending me this mint 50 Stolinov coin that features a large housefly. I think a Stolinov is their version of a penny, because 100 Stolinov= 1 Tolar. Also, I overheard one Slovenian ask another, “Stolinov for your thoughts?”

They are on the Euro now anyway. I looked it up just now, it’s a spectacular country, especially if you like castles and caves.

This coin will be handy here in the states for tipping bad service; I always tip about 20% because the servers might have hungry babies. But the coin would make my point?

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QFC King deposed?

This ad from a Dec. 1963 “Prudence Penny” insert in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
indicates that this is the first Christmas for the little QFC king.

For all I know, it may have been his last. Perhaps his oddly trimmed mustache did not play well among the upper middle-class housewives that shopped there. Along the way, QFC took over smaller chains, then, in turn, they were acquired by Kroger’s. I guess they lost the quirky charm along the way. I think someone in our family still has one of the 98 cent fruitcakes featured in this circular.

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Can Crushing for the fun of it.

My dad built this can crushing machine years ago, I think at one time it had a hopper on it. The thing is huge, and the recycle value of the cans is practically nothing. The squashed cans are starting to pile up and will probably attract ants and bees.

Still, there is something satisfying about crushing can after can, it makes a wonderful crunching noise, almost as good as the sound of breaking glass.

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Have yourself a surly little Christmas

From Christmas Day 1967, me in the yellow shirt, with some of my sisters. Cheryl and Jan are apparently of the age when everything pisses you off? Evelyn is too young to know the horrors of being a teenage girl. This is the year I got an HO train set, that’s hard to beat.

It all seems so long ago. I guess the picture I have hanging in my dining room is an antique now.