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Climb up here to get a better angle to fling poop

Looking for a good spot to fling poop from.

Our friend sent me a picture from Costa Rica, while we are experiencing a cold snap. Just good timing I guess.

Got this text while standing in line at Costco. Teresa asked about the weather there, and I replied (Just as we got to checkout) “Well, the monkey’s not wearing a coat”. The checkout clerk is probably thinking it’s code for some sort of unsafe sex act.

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Fun facts to know and tell

There is something wrong with this, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Apparently pigs used to brush their teeth with their own hair? The “photomicrographs” make me want a hog bristle toothbrush, it looks like it would get between teeth better than rounded plastic bristles.

Ma pig is just set in her ways.

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DO YOUR BEST or I will do my worst

I was in the Cub Scouts a million years ago. Still smarting from my parents selling my train set to pay for the uniform which I did not want to wear anyway.

I think we got on our den mother’s nerves. One time she was driving kids home in her behemoth station wagon, and piped up with, “Let’s play a game! See if you can not make a sound as long as the light is red!” I thought, what a stupid game! There is no skill in it! Anyone can do THAT!

I lost.

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Baltic Shoplifter?

I went to the saturday auction by myself yesterday, but I picked up this little figure for Teresa.

Some guy at the auction thought she “looked Lithuanian” but didn’t explain why. I think Russian?

Looks like she has diverticulitis. Also, she appears to be hiding about 30 pounds of kielbasa in her skirt. That’s a clue.