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Happy to be playing again

I got caught up in bidding frenzy and wound up buying this old Zenith Trans-Oceanic at the Saturday auction for forty bucks.

I figured to put a kit in that bypasses the old capacitors and the power tube, but no need! It plays perfectly here, at least on AM radio. I haven’t picked up any shortwave, but didn’t try that hard yet.

I found the original manual and schematic tucked inside. It was originally owned by a man named Delbert. Boy, you don’t meet too many Delberts these days. I plan to add a dial light and bluetooth; because that’s what Delbert would want.

Also I’ll run a wire antenna out the window, and stay up late some night, bet it will pull in KGO down in San Francisco, as my Orange GE AM radio did with the wire antenna added, when I was a kid staying up at night listening to KING, KOOL, and KJR battle it out for our hearts and minds.

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Business Wars podcast… riveting.

I just finished listening to the episodes of “Business Wars” pertaining to Mcdonald’s vs. Burger King, and started listening to Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi. (Did you know Pepsi used to be called “Brad’s Drink”? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. )

Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executive’s road to new heights — or to ruin. It’s perfectly dramatized to keep your attention- I usually lose focus during a podcast but not this one. You can access it at the Wondery podcast group homepage.

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion, and I am not being compensated for endorsing this podcast- hardly anyone even reads this blog anyway!

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When life hands you lemons…

We have been kinda cooped up because of an unusual amount of snow recently.

I was shopping for tires, looked across the street, and was inspired by this yogurt shop.

Did they whine about the snow? No, the manager recognized the street value of all this white stuff, scooped it up, added some flavoring and BAM a high margin menu item. Just don’t order the lemon kind.

(DISCLAIMER: This place has really good frozen yogurt at a reasonable price. I was just kidding about the snow shovel and the lemon)

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She’s dangerous!

mystery people in old photo album

Teresa got an old photo album at the Goodwill for some project, and there were several pictures of this badass left in there; no one else.

This is my favorite of the batch, she’s smoking with one hand but has a butcher knife in the other. It looks like a guy’s apartment, or maybe that’s her Madonna poster? I thought this photo was from the 80’s but Madonna’s Erotica album was released in 1992. So she must be in her mid to late 40’s now. The Photo Album Girl Enigma. Let’s call her P.A.G.E.

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There are many Lapps

I came across this very old postcard in a lot I purchased a while back. This family is glad to pose on their little hill and with their (reindeer?)

Let’s pause for a moment and have some sympathy for mom.

So I was thinking, what’s up with the hill? Turns out that it’s their house, like this other Lapp family from the same era.

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A very good bank heist movie

We have been cooped up because of an excess of snow here. I love heist movies, I was going to buy this one from the $4.99 bin at Walmart, but looked it up and turned out it’s on Netflix, at least for now.

It’s a tale of two brothers robbing banks to save the ranch, I thought the acting was good, and it kept us on the edge of our seats. I give it 8.5 out of 10, had to knock it down a little because of a few times I had to suspend disbelief. Like facing down the cops with no cover here, the machine gun keeps them at bay, but he had to pause to change ammo magazines in the middle of it. There were a few other scenes that didn’t seem too realistic but it didn’t ruin the movie.

There’s just something about a bank heist. I remember back in the 90’s I stopped at my parent’s house, they were glued to the TV because it had a live feed of a bank robbery standoff in California.

Then again another time the TV was streaming a NASA control room, I forget why. They were like “Watch that guy with the pocket protector, he keeps getting up and whispering to that other guy. What is he saying?”

My parents were easily amused.

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I just put some sand on the front steps yesterday, but mother nature is not having it. Several more inches overnight plus the window in the upstairs bathroom was dripping- I think the gutter is not tight against the house there but I am not going up there. It’s always something!

There is a yogurt shop up by Costco that is now selling Snow Cones! Stay away from the lemon ones.

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Lucille was secretly thrilled

I accidentally dug up this weird scratch pad that I bought at a garage sale, maybe thirty years ago? for ten cents. It has maybe 200 pages, each with a different drawing at the bottom or top, from the twisted mind of B. Kliban

Had a lot of trouble googling the artist because I thought the drawings were signed “BK Wilson” – I mean look at it… How do you get to “Kliban” from there? Finally I googled “Scott laughed hard when Wanda brought home the contaminated cheese” and that got me where I wanted to go.

Mr. Kliban died at 55, way too young. I recognize some of his cat themed work, but his book on cartooning, and a compilation from his work at Playboy magazine, these go for $35 and up on eBaY. Not that I would part with it if I had it.