Month: February 2019

Business Wars Podcast
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Business Wars podcast… riveting.

   February 22, 2019  0 Comments on Business Wars podcast… riveting.

I just finished listening to the episodes of “Business Wars” pertaining to Mcdonald’s vs. Burger King, and started listening to Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi.

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When life hands you lemons…

   February 21, 2019  0 Comments on When life hands you lemons…

I was shopping for tires, looked across the street, and was inspired by this yogurt shop.

Mystery dangerous woman from thrift store photo album
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She’s dangerous!

   February 16, 2019  0 Comments on She’s dangerous!

Teresa got an old photo album at the Goodwill for some project, and there were several pictures of this badass…

Hell or High Water movie review
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A very good bank heist movie

   February 11, 2019  0 Comments on A very good bank heist movie

We have been cooped up because of an excess of snow here. I love heist movies, I was going to…

Too much snow in Marysville Washington
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   February 9, 2019  0 Comments on SNOWMAGEDDON 2019

I just put some sand on the front steps yesterday, but mother nature is not having it. Several more inches…

Baltic figure appears to have diverticulitis
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Baltic Shoplifter?

   February 3, 2019  0 Comments on Baltic Shoplifter?

I went to the saturday auction by myself yesterday, but I picked up this little figure for Teresa. Some guy…