Never Jet Hot

Collector of Advertising of the mid 20th Century.

Las Vegas is like an earwig

Smirking Hoover Dam worker statue

Every so often, we get an itch to go to Las Vegas- get out of the rain. Not so much the gambling, just being able to walk outside after dark without a coat is a treat.

This sculpture up at Hoover Dam, always gives me the look- “Back to piss away some more money, huh? I knew you couldn’t resist.”

So I start looking at Youtube videos and airfare, hotel rates. I remember our first trip, it was March 17, everyone on the airport shuttle was dressed in green, mostly costumes like they were trying to get on “Let’s Make a Deal”. I think most of them were already drinking or drunk too. But on the return trip they were a pretty somber bunch. Having to return to reality is a drag.

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