My own room, but what do I call it?

We finally got a house with an extra room that I have claimed for my computer, books, etc. but I am at a loss when it comes to naming it.

Most would call it a “Home office” but that would oblige me to somehow generate income in here.

Back in the day, it would be called a “Den”, and it does have the shag carpeting… But the main definition for that word is “The lair of a wild, usually predatory animal” and the secondary definition calls it “a center of secret activity”. Kinda creepy.

Recently there was a fad of creating a “Man Cave” which I dismiss out of hand as sounding idiotic. Anyway, it generally requires a large screen TV and a handy source of beer, neither of which would fit in here. Nor would the group of sports fans that it would attract.

Oh! Nevermind… Just noticed that the name of this particular home office is right there, above the door.

Easy Street sign above my office door

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