HUGE shovel found in back yard
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My shovel dug up his granddaddy

  Clearing some sticker bushes in the way back of our property, and dug up this HUGE shovel head. It must have been for moving……

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Behind Mount Rushmore

Drive around behind Mount Rushmore, it’s a handy navigational aid. But why are they naked? I found this at a garage sale yesterday, and put…

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Cartoon Dodge City shootout postcard
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Dodge City Scene

There’s a lot going on in this Dodge City postcard. At first I thought the guy in the street outside the cigar store had slipped…

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Daring daylight robbery

Here’s a postcard from the sleepy little town of Oil City, Pennsylvania – but wait! In the lower right, you can clearly see three ex-convicts…

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Comic postcard family at the beach
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Beach Adventures

We haven’t been to the beach yet this summer, my mother psyched me out too much when I was a kid, she was so concerned…

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Found dirt sifter with metal detector
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Better bury this before mom sees it

Found this handy dirt-strainer with my metal detector, in the woods behind the house. I imagine years ago some kid was messing around in the…

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