Month: April 2018

Decanter without spigot is puzzling.
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Mystery Barrel SOLVED

I got this at one of those antique/cool junk malls yesterday. The idea in my head was to use it as part of a whimsical…

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Decorative jar geocache
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My kind of geocache!

The Geocache Thanks for Visiting is on our favorites list; it’s one of those where you just drive up and and walk a few yards,…

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What happened to kites?

When I was a kid, about this time of year the stores would all have inexpensive kites available. Kids would be out flying them if…

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The case for a new mower blade

Lowe’s sells a replacement mower blade that fits my mower for about $18 with tax. Apparently my old blade wasn’t mulching well anymore, the back…

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