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So one day our Lenova All in One PC greeted me with nothing more than the words “operating system not found”. I was all, “Well, have a look around! It couldn’t have gone far!” The DVD drive was empty.
Ultimately I hit F2 on bootup, and reloaded my operating system from the backup partition. It still didn’t work! I gave up and went to bed. Just as I was in that problem-solving state of pre-sleep, I remembered that we keep our Point of Sale software on a USB stick. On awakening, I booted it without the USB stick, and of course it works fine now.
Apparently this computer is too dumb to continue looking; the first device it encounters, it looks for the OS, and upon not finding it, tosses up an error message and goes back to sleep. It makes me wonder if computers assume the habits and personalities of their owners.
P.S. Later, this gave me the idea to hook up a USB hard drive I have laying around, and install Linux on that; I can boot to either without any messy drive re-partitioning or whatever. I always wanted to try Linux. Then again, I own a CB radio.

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Number one with a bullet!

We hit the “Can’t Miss” Geocache a few years ago, it’s one of our favorites. (TIP: Change out of your Target uniform before you go.)
We were a bit cautious here, you never know they might have a “The Most Dangerous Game” thing going on. However business was slow at the shooting range, and we easily found the cache, hence the moniker “Can’t Miss”. Pleased to find lots of “swag” in it. A good time was had by Al; I liked it too.

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We didn’t start the fire

Teresa gets a bit carried away with the “Arts and Crafts” sometimes. My son is appalled, this used to be his favorite toy fire truck. It survived so many imaginary emergencies when he was a kid, this is just disrespectful.

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Sad cold poptart

I have started to notice a cyclical trend of product mascots, and it’s not pretty.
Take this Vanilla Poptart Mascot. I don’t know his name, but he doesn’t look well. Look at his eyes! And he’s shivering. The tiny gloves and ill-fitting wool hat are not much help when you are sitting on a block of ice.
Maybe they should have instead, I dunno, a muscular superhero named “Cal See-um” warm him up with concentric rings of toaster heat?
As I recall, I used to eat the vanilla ones cold. Life is short and brutal when you’re a breakfast pastry.

PS I looked on Amazon, did you know there are over 25 flavors of Pop Tarts? That’s 50 if you butter half of them.

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Gasoline Alley Wisdom

Gasoline Alley Wisdom
The guy with the junk wagon always has good advice. I think it’s from smoking a pipe.
I have been reading “Gasoline Alley” since I was old enough to snap the rubber band and carefully remove the half-page tire store ad on the Sunday edition. Once in a while there is a nugget of true wisdom in the comics, and it’s almost always dispensed by a crotchety old guy, or a little kid. Sometimes Henry would make me think, and he never said a word.

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Maybe I should have said “tiger”? Pictionary fun

We have been sort of confined to quarters by bad weather, so to keep from going all REDRUM! we have been playing Pictionary.

Now, every time we open the Pictionary box, I am confronted by the the drawings from earlier games. This picture is pretty obviously “Deodorant”…

… But this one took a while to remember… It looks like a German Shephard with a giant fly on his back, as viewed through a window. Then I noticed the horse footprints, and remembered, it’s a “Trojan Horse”. I shouldn’t have tried to draw a gift box around him.

Tonight, I sort of had the opportunity to cheat, Frank drew a line, and being a smart Alec I yelled LINE! And Frank exclaimed “He guessed it!” Teresa and Daphne wanted to know how I guessed it from just a line! I was confused by this, turns out the word was “Lion”. Everybody ganged up on me then and made me spit out my gum.

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Cowboys on Jackrabbits in the Old West.

I know most people don’t care about my goofy postcard collecting hobby, but it’s a big internet, maybe somebody does. I like the whole “Jackalope” thing that went on in the 30’s, this is a variation on that, cowpokes riding jackrabbits, I guess the mustangs were all in the shop. One thing the sender wrote that I liked;

“Glenn & I will be so fat when we return that you won’t know us. We are being stuffed. I’ll tell you all about it later.”

Yeah, if you manage to escape your jackrabbit overlords.

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Worst. Party. Ever.

I was thinking about surprising my wife with a birthday party this year. Our living room is not configured to have people hiding behind the sofa. I found this handy party game book for up to 20 guests to play, with three fun games inside!
Here’s the first game, think up the longest name for each letter on the chart. Seems more like a baby shower game to me, but whatever.
I wasn’t expecting to take the SAT exam at your party.

This game is more of a pop quiz from fifth grade history, but the booze is free here. I can answer most of these. It helps if George Gobel from the old Hollywood Squares show is haunting your house.

Wait, what is this? No, you can’t use Google. Leaving so soon? The party is just starting! We haven’t even played “Twister” yet!
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Ridiculous Prediction from 1951

Good grief, this is what they actually thought in the early fifties…

Some day we may even have small computers in our homes, drawing their energy from electric-power lines like refrigerators or radios … They may recall facts for us that we would have trouble remembering. They may calculate accounts and income taxes. Schoolboys with homework may seek their help. They may even run through and list combinations of possibilities that we need to consider in making important decisions. We may find the future full of mechanical brains working about us. – Edmund Berkeley

What a ridiculous concept! I’m sure we will have such a machine soon… …In Rainbow and Gumdrop land!