Let’s talk about toilets!

Kohler ToiletMy family laughs at me because I am always singing the praises of our Kohler Cimmaron upstairs toilet. It truly is a “throne”. We bought it several years ago, and except for the time Teresa knocked a box of bathroom junk from the shelf above into the gaping maw, it has worked flawlessly.

The trick when buying a toilet is to open the box at the hardware store and feel around in the neck where the little jet is, and make sure the porcelain is smooth down there. I rejected I think four toilets before I finally found a smooth one; I would have given up sooner but they were having a really good sale, probably factory seconds on these ones?? …and I had already dragged my old toilet down the stairs.

Did you know that the pipe within the toilet that curves to keep the water in there between flushes, is called the ”Colon”? I know!! I was shocked too. Google it if you don’t believe me!

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