Never Jet Hot

Collector of Advertising of the mid 20th Century.

Silver Pockets full, and car keys in the other

It’s so easy to fall for these email forwards if you don’t keep your guard up. When I got this one last year, the first response was a big grin!

Somehow I thought August would be a whole month of 3-day weekends, soft summer evenings, martinis and steaks. But that was incorrect… silverpocketsfull - Five Saturdays, Five Sundays, Five Fridays. Happens every 823 years

THE PLOT THICKENS- looks like “Silver Pockets Full” applies to this very month- July 2016. Not sure I believe that it only happens once every 823 years, but I will savor it anyway. Good thing it is not LITERALLY “Silver Pockets Full”, because the elastic is shot in my summer shorts, it would cause a lot of pants-hitching, or temporary blindness.

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