Silver Pockets full, and car keys in the other

It’s so easy to fall for these email forwards if you don’t keep your guard up. When I got this one last year, the first response was a big grin!

Somehow I thought August would be a whole month of 3-day weekends, soft summer evenings, martinis and steaks. But that was incorrect… silverpocketsfull - Five Saturdays, Five Sundays, Five Fridays. Happens every 823 years

THE PLOT THICKENS- looks like “Silver Pockets Full” applies to this very month- July 2016. Not sure I believe that it only happens once every 823 years, but I will savor it anyway. Good thing it is not LITERALLY “Silver Pockets Full”, because the elastic is shot in my summer shorts, it would cause a lot of pants-hitching, or temporary blindness.

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