Month: February 2016

Car Pandora app plays Convoy by... Mannheim Steamroller?
Posted in Back in My Day

We got a mighty convoy… With orchestration

When I worked at Radio Shack many, many years ago, the manager would insist on playing Manheim Steamroller holiday music, he thought it was a…

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W.C. Fields Battery Tester from Noveltronics
Posted in Flotsam

Things it’s best not to win at auction #602

Things I am glad I did not win on Listia This W.C. Fields battery tester. I understand that the company has the made-up word “Noveltronics”…

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Need a special washer for this faucet pipe connection problem.
Posted in Grey Gardens West

Can’t buy a simple washer at the hardware store

Whenever I go to a hardware or auto-supply store, I try to avoid the young people who are still learning the ropes. Instead I seek…

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