Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Never Jet Hot

Collector of Advertising of the mid 20th Century.


I am an insomniac* and as such I leave a playlist of podcasts running all night on a pillow speaker so as to keep myself from pondering my looming mortality, while not keeping my wife awake. These are links to selected episodes of some of my favorite podcasts.

COMEDY: Dumb People Town

Dumb People Town is a hilarious riff-style podcast featuring The Sklar Brothers and selected guests. They find odd items from the news and uh, deconstruct them. Last night I heard one that featured a bodybuilder who plans to marry his robotic sex doll despite the fact that they frequently argue. What an age we live in!

Listen to Dumb People Town here; https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/starburns-audio/dumb-people-town

And a New York Post article in case you’re not buying this; https://nypost.com/2019/12/10/bodybuilder-proposes-to-sex-doll-after-getting-it-plastic-surgery/

COMEDY: The Johnny Carson Show Podcast

The Johnny Carson Show podcast features highlights from the show. The episode I listened to last night had a monologue about the hoopla over the upcoming Royal Charles and Di wedding. Then Jimmy Stewart read a poem he had written about a dog he had that died, as dogs do. It almost made me cry.

Listen to the Johnny Carson podcast here https://toppodcast.com/podcast_feeds/the-johnny-carson-show/

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