Podcasters editing a new episode.
Podcasting is harder and more complex than it looks.


I leave a playlist of podcasts running all night on headphones designed for this- It keeps me from staying up pondering my looming mortality.

These are links to some of my favorite podcasts.

Those headphones probably saved my marriage, Teresa likes to get a good night’s sleep.

HOW I RATE: Starts with 10/10. Some things that subtract points;

  • Too much annoying laughter.
  • Podcast no longer making new episodes, or not enough.
  • Sound quality problems.
  • Too political

GILBERT GOTTFRIED’S AMAZING COLLOSAL PODCAST 9/10 Had to knock a point off because Gil sadly passed away, hence no new episodes. I was listening to the one with Danny Bonaduce last night, my wife got mad because I was trying to suppress laughter and it woke her up. Here’s a link to the website to find that one, hilarious but I think the stories from Danny might be mostly BS. https://www.gilbertpodcast.com/

STAY F. HOMEKINS 7/10 Another throwback to podcasters working through the pandemic. I always like Paul F. Tomkins, and his wife Janie is charming. When she is telling one of her stories I have to stifle my laughter so Teresa can sleep. Put these two together, and it adds up to more than 2. Because of the chemistry. The only thing that lowers the score a bit is when Janie gets off on a political rant. Paul is just along for the ride, adding his clever commentary as needed. You will want to listen to this one from the oldest episode and go forward. I think they quit this one. Sometimes Janie gets political.


RADIOLAB 9/10 One episode I listened to, they opened the phones and all sorts of insomniacs and also random weirdos called in. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!


ALPHA CONTROL / LOST IN SPACE 8/10 Nice thing about podcasts, every niche or obsession is represented. The guys on Alpha Control dutifully recap episodes of the original Lost In Space TV show, the one with Billy Mumy and Jonathan Harris.

Recently I learned that when the robot waves his arms around, he’s not freaking out, it helps him scan his environment. When I was a kid, I thought it was his way of trying to get Dr. Smith to get off his butt, or just malfunctioning. https://www.stitcher.com/show/alpha-control-a-lost-in-space-podcast

DANA CARVEY PODCAST 8/10 Dana’s guests include Jon Lovitz, David Spade, many more. but I like the one with his sister. Sadly, it seems to be defunct as of July 2021. Fantastic! With Dana Carvey Podcast Republic

DUMB PEOPLE TOWN 9/10 A hilarious riff-style podcast featuring The Sklar Brothers and selected guests. They find odd items from the news and uh, deconstruct them. Last night I heard one that featured a bodybuilder who plans to marry his robotic sex doll despite the fact that they frequently argue. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/starburns-audio/dumb-people-town

PHIL HENDRIE 8/10 I must be on a list somewhere of people who enjoy weird radio & podcasts. I got an email today from the distant past; The Phil Hendrie show.

Years ago, he was on the radio with what seemed to be a call-in talk show; but all the guests were coming out of his fertile mind; and an otherworldly talent for voicing them realistically.

The guests would say the most outlandish, and sometimes offensive things, (If you take a belt sander to my Winnebago, I will tear your eyes out and have sex with your skull!!) triggering the gullible to angrily call the show and argue with the “guest”. It was HILARIOUS. I didn’t catch on until the third time I tuned in.

He has rebooted into a Phil Hendrie website and a podcast. I would love to have access to all his previous shows at about $80 a year; but current shows are free. Here are the links. Sadly, I am not renumerated for admiring this hilarious and very talented man here on my blog. PodcastOne: The World of Phil Hendrie