BEST PODCASTS 2021 or whatever.

Podcasters editing a new episode.
Podcasting is harder and more complex than it looks.

I am an insomniac* and as such I leave a playlist of podcasts running all night on a pillow speaker so as to keep myself from pondering my looming mortality, while not keeping my wife awake. These are links to selected episodes of some of my favorite podcasts. Not all from 2021 but Google likes it when I throw in a year.

BONANAS FOR BONANZA score a perfect 10

I just discovered this tv series review podcast. I barely remember Bonanza, but what keeps me tuning in is the delightfully ridiculous cowboy impersonations of the hosts, and their repartee about the dramatic goings-on at the Ponderosa ranch. (regarding why the Ponderosa is like a vagina; “You don’t want strange fellas drillin’ on it”) I almost woke Teresa up there trying to contain laughter but it shook the bed some. Tune in at


Dumb People Town is a hilarious riff-style podcast featuring The Sklar Brothers and selected guests. They find odd items from the news and uh, deconstruct them. Last night I heard one that featured a bodybuilder who plans to marry his robotic sex doll despite the fact that they frequently argue. What an age we live in!

Listen to Dumb People Town here;

And a New York Post article in case you’re not buying this;

Entertainment Value9
Avg. Episode Length (at least 30 min)10
Sound quality 8


THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW PODCAST… I enjoyed this one, for example there was an episode that had a monologue about the hoopla over the upcoming Royal Charles and Di wedding. Then Jimmy Stewart read a poem he had written about a dog he had that died, as dogs do. It almost made me cry. It must be a copyright problem, because when I try to play these now, it says FORBIDDEN.