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A rusty old lunchpail
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It’s the personal blog of a somewhat bored retired airplane factory drone. Oddly, my name anagrams to “Never Jet Hot”. Go figure! I have the…

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Auctioneer's mascot goat
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Saturday Auction goat

The saturday auction in Stanwood has this amazing goat in the window. I guess it’s to get passersby to think “Next week is our wedding…

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MCM doorway room divider shelf unit
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Hello! Meet my plants and trinkets.

When I was a kid in the late 60’s/early 70’s, I used to sell door-to-door (mainly from those outfits in the back of the comic…

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Trouble with Angels Movie theater posting
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Hayley Mills? Say no more.

This is at least in Teresa’s top ten favorite movies, having been in Catholic school when she was a young un. I guess she liked…

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Example back seat driver license
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Back seat drivers should be licensed too.

You probably know a few people who comment on other people’s driving, yet they repeatedly ride with said driver at the wheel. It makes no…

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gray rockery paint
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I’m getting railroaded…

Here’s something I learned. Acrylic white mixed with a color they call “coffee” equals a nice gray. Acrylic white mixed with India ink, equals a…

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Gilbert Gottfried podcast
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A few paragraphs in favor of “Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Technicolor Podcast” – Don’t care for his comedy stylings? Nails on a chalkboard? Listen anyway. Listen…

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outhouse with television
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Cousin Jethro is on Hullabaloo today!

Pa is busy upgrading his outhouse with television, so it must be something special on. Otherwise, why not look at that Sears catalog hanging on…

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Screenshot from It Aint My Fault Brothers Osborne
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It ain’t my fault

I don’t know how all this hullaballoo in our nation’s capitol today is going to pan out, all I know is… IT AIN’T MY FAULT

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Library card from "Our American Neighbors"
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Our neighbors, Tarzan and Francis the Talking Mule

Here’s an old textbook from a yard sale. It’s sort of reassuring that previous generations also knew how to annoy the librarians. I think all…

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Wholesale gun ad 1960
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My team won, see?

This 1960 copy of “Spare Time” has a lot of money making opportunities, but not sure about the little 22 pistols wholesaling for $6.95 The…

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