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Old man sleeping in the afternoon
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The medicinal value of a nap

Here’s to the humble afternoon nap – may we all embrace its restorative powers and bask in its blissful embrace whenever we can.

Teresa and Lisa ready to hunt Easter Eggs 1960's
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Easter 1964

Lisa seems to be saying “You’re wearing the wrong shoes!” – but Teresa is all “You do what you want!…

I almost said... STARE
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Wordle tip

I should have known that wordle would reuse the T in this game. Reusing letters is one of their little…

Ad for Kiss me in the dark tie
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Girls can’t resist!

Years ago, women were so bored out of their skulls that they would flock to a man wearing a “Kiss…

Groovy orange AM radio
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Orange music

I ran across the exact radio I had when I was a kid, for years and years… Until I sort of grew out of it and discovered FM radio.

Historical parade float depicted on a traffic control box.
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Miss transformer box 2023

Marysville is installing these vibrant wraps on various traffic control boxes around town. This one depicts a parade float, but I don’t know the story behind it.

Baltic figure appears to have diverticulitis
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Baltic Shoplifter?

I went to the Saturday auction by myself, but I picked up this little figure for Teresa.