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How to use your cigarettes
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How to Marl your boro

   November 28, 2023  0 Comments on How to Marl your boro

I bought something from someone in the Netherlands, and they helpfully included this instruction manual. Apparently the process of opening…

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Don’t tell me what to do, license plate!

   November 26, 2023  0 Comments on Don’t tell me what to do, license plate!

It’s bad enough that these smarmy slogans like “LIVE LAUGH LOVE” have infiltrated the world of home decor, I saw…

U&I Gingerbread boy does not know that he will be eaten.
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Gingerbread boy is oblivious

   November 22, 2023  0 Comments on Gingerbread boy is oblivious

U&I Sugar had a mascot, maybe only at Christmas? A gingerbread boy, smiling because he doesn’t know that his fate…

Ugly carrots not supermarket worthy
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Gnarly Carrot

   November 17, 2023  0 Comments on Gnarly Carrot

A while back, we went to a produce stand that advertised “big ugly local carrots” – In other circumstances I…

1903 Packard drive
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Be nice to your mechanic!

   November 12, 2023  0 Comments on Be nice to your mechanic!

It was 1903 that this Packard was driven from San Francisco to New York, in 51 days. The world’s biggest ball of twine was still just a paperweight.

1909 Wisconsin tornado insurance
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Read the fine print!

   November 11, 2023  0 Comments on Read the fine print!

It specifically excludes farming equipment, reapers, mowers, wagons, buggies, and the like.

Animals are out also; Horses, mules, and colts, cattle, sheep, hogs.

Sell Christmas cards now
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Barrel of Fun 1953

   November 8, 2023  0 Comments on Barrel of Fun 1953

I think the lady has been sampling the “Barrel of Fun” assortment.

Whimsical sock creature
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These socks are made for walking!

   November 5, 2023  0 Comments on These socks are made for walking!

Teresa C:AIMS that the socks used to create this whimsical stuffed toy had a hole. I remember no holes among…

If ethyl don't mind
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Ethyl has gas.

   November 3, 2023  0 Comments on Ethyl has gas.

If I was a gas station attendant back then, and if someone asked for the gas with Ethyl in it, I would have been obligated to mutter “If Ethyl don’t mind!”

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1962 Wall Plant

   October 30, 2023  0 Comments on 1962 Wall Plant

I don’t know what this plant is but I call it “The 1962 Plant”- It reminds me of wallpaper I saw when I was a kid, or maybe the pattern on one of those cone lamps?